Tango Steps Guide

The steps & terminology of Argentine tango


Welcome! This website is a gradually-growing guide to the steps and terminology of Argentine tango.

Strictly speaking, of course, there are no 'tango steps' the way that there are in some other dances, because Argentine tango is improvised moment by moment. So tango isn't a series of pre-set steps strung together, but rather a dance of always-infinite possibilities. Even in the middle of one of the classic recognised tango moves, such as the ocho, you could change your mind and do something completely different – even something that no other dancer has ever done before!

At any given point you can do anything – that's one of the things that makes tango so addictive!

All that said, of course, there are certain classic moves which people always want to know about. And I'm going to talk about those, and give my tips for doing them, along with some videos of them.

So, head into the site for information on:

And much more!

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